Public event: Nuclear Pride Fest

Historic pro-nuclear power event in Munich on the 21st of October to celebrate human ingenuity to solve our great challenges: Plentiful energy with minimum health and environmental impact.

The Nuclear Pride Coalition, a broad alliance of civil society organisations and individuals, will meet to demand that the leaders of Europe and of the world maintain existing and build new nuclear power plants. These will be essential to meet growing energy demand while addressing the monumental task of protecting health and the environment as well as mitigating climate change.

The urgency has again been highlighted in the most recent IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways. These pathways demand an up to fivefold increase of nuclear power.

In contrast, the closure of nuclear power plants in Germany is leading to huge environmental damage, including the destruction of ancient forest to mine coal and by the pollution released when that coal is burned. Angela Merkel’s energy policy is literally sending environmental goals up in smoke. In an interview in 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron rejected the idea of copying Energiewende: “What did the Germans do when they shut their nuclear? They developed a lot of renewables but they also massively reopened thermal and coal… I won’t do that.”

Michael Shellenberger, coalition co-founder and Time Magazine Hero of the Environment, put it this way,“We cannot afford to reject a proven technology that can help us reduce emissions and stop the use of fossil fuels. We cannot gamble with our future by ignoring nuclear energy.”

In Munich’s central Marienplatz, hundreds of Nuclear Pride Fest revellers will sing, dance and play with their families, telling their stories and engaging in a range of activities that celebrate their individual and collective pride in nuclear power and the benefits it brings.

Nuclear Pride Fest organisers appreciate the great contribution of nuclear workers and engineers in providing us with clean and reliable energy over decades and welcome them, and indeed anyone who supports nuclear power, to come along and join the festival.

“Come join the celebration of nuclear energy’s contribution to clean, zero-emissions, reliable energy co-organized by European and American citizens. “

About the Nuclear Pride Coalition

The Nuclear Pride Coalition is a broad alliance of civil society organisations and individuals. The founding Nuclear Pride Coalition members are:

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