Nuclear Pride Fest – Program

Here’s the program of the Nuclear Pride Fest and the preceding Nuclear Pride Bootcamp. Please note that the program is still subject to change, so please check back now and then!

Nuclear Pride Bootcamp

Wednesday- Oct. 17th


  • 6:30 CET (ONLINE) – Conversation Training– reframing objections with your values aligned story.


Thursday – Oct. 18th


  • Prep / Scope out Marienplatz


  • Materials Acquisition — Shopping Trip (non perishables)
  • Pick up printed Lanyards

Friday – Oct. 19th

10:30 – 5:00 – Materials Preparation, Sign Painting,  Assemble Lanyards – [Th] House

  • Melty Prep
      • Make sign for her to hold, “Only [U] can prevent climate change.” (Eng/German on each side)
      • Add accessories (flair) to Melty costume if possible.  Hat?
  • Reporter Training Camp
  • Fission Dance Choreography

Saturday – Oct. 20th

9:30 am – 12:00 pm — Check-in Meeting – Location: TBD

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm — Prep Time

  • Choreographers meet to finalize fission dance.
  • Reporter test-shooting [Th] House
    • Interview other groups and each other. Write questions, practice approaching strangers.
    • Location: Thorium House
  • Gallery of Insight Meeting — [Th] House
    • Inventory, Prioritization of Messages/Materials
    • Test and streamline poster attachment methods
  • Nuclear Art Meeting — TBD
    • Materials inventory/prep
    • Discussion of process
  • Action Captains — TBD
    • Configure Tablets for actions
    • Make last second action tweaks
  • Fun with Radiation — [Th] House
    • Practice set-up of table/sources
    • Make test smoothies / Sticker Bananas
  • Dry-Run of Stage Activities — TBD (Marienplatz?)
    • Climate Choir Rehearsal : Practice songs ahead of time here.
    • Fission Dance / Hand shake

5:00 pm – 8 pm — Dinner and drinks —

  • Location TBD

NUCLEAR PRIDE FEST — Sunday – Oct. 21st


For people running the stations– there are several volunteer roles that you should sign up to participate in (see below).  We can swap roles periodically throughout the day so we get to try each station.

For participants and attendees:

Everyone will receive a lanyard.  On this lanyard will be a checklist of all the different activities you can complete for points.

The Schedule:

The schedule has two parts– one for unstructured time that you can use to complete the activities, and the other for the group activities.  Each hour is divided in half, and many of the activities repeat every hour.


8:00 am — Arrive at Marienplatz for Set-up

10:05 Kickoff, Welcome, teaching of handshake, explanation of game

10:25 Emcee Gives 5 minute Warning

10:30 Fission Dance

10:35 Speech

10:40 Climate Choir (2-3 songs)

11:00 Open Mic

11:25 5 Minute Warning

11:30 Fission Dance

11:35 Speech

11:40 Climate Choir

11:55 Emcee announces winners of Sidewalk Chalk #1

12:00- 3:00 Etc…

3:30 Critical Mass!

  • Special Guests Speak
  • Taiwanese Students Speak
  • Scientists Speak
  • Climate Choir
  • Huge Group Hug with chants and one last singalong

4:00-6:00 Tear Down

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm — Group dinner and drinks (reflection and going forward)

Roles (asterisks have customized lanyards)

  • Emcees
    • Introduce acts, draw crowd in, tell jokes
  • Stage Managers
    • Makes sure our scheduled group activities are occurring at the right time.
    • Schedules Open Mic Participants
    • Adjusts Timing If Necessary
  • Music Directors + Choreographer (?)
    • Hands out songbooks, leads group in song once per hour, handles (or delegates) all music tech.
    • Teaches and performs Fission Dance once per hour.(?)
  • Gallery Directors
    • Gives guided tours through “Gallery of Insight” auf Deutsch and English
  • Art and Poetry Directors
    • Facilitates sidewalk chalk, and announces a winner every hour (draw boundaries for each hour’s competition.
    • Teaches and facilitates Poetry writing — Atom shaped stationary
    • Pride-wall
  • Radiation Specialists
    • Run “Fun with Radiation Corner”
    • Make smoothies
  • Action Center Captain
    • Set up Action table with digital actions. Ensure tablets are functioning correctly and nothing gets stolen.
    • Organize and distribute lanyards
  • Melty the Bear
    • Helps design/prepare costume
    • Walks around and take photos with people
    • De-escalates anti-nuclear demonstrators?
    • Man-on-street interviews (if Bjorn, someone else tall who can speak german)
  • Reporters (pairs of two) *
    • Documents everything that is happening.
    • Goes around to every station and asks what they’re doing and why.
    • Does Man-on street interviews
    • Make list of shots ahead of festival
  • Ambassadors
    • Street canvassing, giving away bananas, and game recruiting.

 Reporter Badge                                   Side 1 of All Badges Ambassador Badge


Activities for Lanyard

  • Pride Stage
    • Share a short speech about why you’re proud of supporting nuclear
    • Share a poem
    • Sing a solo song for nuclear
    • Sing a song with the Climate Choir
    • Dance the Fission Dance
  • Walk through the Gallery of Insight – pass the quiz!
    • Quiz [ X ]
  • Fun with Radiation Corner
    • Quiz [ x ]
    • Drink a radioactive smoothie
  • Art/Poetry/Face Painting
    • Write your message and attach it to the wall
    • Use chalk to show your nuclear pride!
    • Get your face painted / Paint someone else’s
    • Write a limerick, haiku, or poem
  • Action Center
    • Take 3 digital actions
        • Contact Merkel/ German Energy Ministers
        • World Bank Tweet/Email
        • Make Nuclear Renewable @ EU Commission
  • Ambassador*
    • Recruit [10] people to come and in the fest! (number goal)
    • Do the Nuclear Pride Secret Handshake  with [10] other people
    • Take a selfie with [10] other people
    • Give away [10] Bananas
    • Take a picture with Melty
    • Start a Kernkraft Conga Line
  • Reporter
    • Complete 5 Man-on-the street interviews
      • Are you worried about climate change?
      • Climate scientists are saying that we need nuclear energy to meet our emissions targets, do you agree with their assessment?

Signs needed

  • Gallery of Nuclear Insight (auf deutsch & English)
  • Action Center
  • Stage + Schedule + NPF Banner
  • Atom Art Corner
  • Fun with Radiation
  • Other signs supporting nuclear energy

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  1. I like the whole idea of nuclear pride fest and the activities to draw people in and expand our base.

    I hope it recruited above the goals set, and this catches on so it is repeated more and more!

    Maybe eventually simultaneously events can take place all over the globe.

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